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  1. 1. Preface

    1. About the portal (the Live.WT portal) is an informational/entertainment blog of the War Thunder player community. The Live.WT portal constitutes an integral part of the online war game War Thunder and is intended for content exchange and communication between players on game-relevant subjects. The users themselves create the content and upload it to the portal. The administration shall not be held responsible for the quality of published materials, or for any failures in the operation of computers or peripheral devices that may occur as a result of using materials uploaded to the portal. The user takes full responsibility for materials he/she places on the portal, and also takes full responsibility if the publication violates the Terms of Use, User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Contribution Agreement or the rules of the Live.WT Portal.

  2. 2. Information

    1. 2.1. Terminology

      1. 2.1.1. Publications are materials which a user places on (uploads to) the portal. Publications are nominally split into subsections which are shown on the site’s page header.

      2. 2.1.2. Comments are messages from individual users which provide a means to explicitly rate the quality and value of a publication, ask clarifying questions and express gratitude or disagreement with the publication’s author.

      3. 2.1.3. Hashtag is a word preceded by the “#” character. A hashtag can consist of any upper-case or lower-case letters, numbers and “_” underscore characters. A hashtag may not contain space marks or any other characters. The minimum length of a hashtag is 3 characters, not counting the “#”, while the maximum is 52. Users can combine publications into groups using hashtags, which can then be used in searches. When creating a publication, it is recommended that a list of hashtags be included that describe the publication’s contents with maximum accuracy.

      4. 2.1.4. Mentions are user nicknames which are preceded by an “@” character. They are used to draw the attention of a specific user to a publication or comment. This is case sensitive – User and UseR are separate nicknames.

    2. 2.2. Portal subject matter

      Live.WT is intended for discussion of the online war game War Thunder and exchange of materials designed for the game and created by users using graphics editors or the CDK editor.

      Topics permitted for publication:

      • Any content related to War Thunder;
      • Screenshots, artwork, posters, humorous pictures and quotes related to the game, camouflages created using graphic editors, sights and sound modifications, missions, locations and vehicles for War Thunder.

      If a publication is not directly relevant to War Thunder, it will be hidden for not corresponding to the portal’s subject matter.

    3. 2.3. Language of communication

      The Live.WT portal is divided into Russian-language and English-language segments. The official languages of communication are Russian for the Russian-language segment and English for the English-language segment.

      Using other languages in publications is not allowed. The use of other languages in comments is allowed, but in order to maintain understanding among the rest of the community, we strongly recommend the use of the official language of the segment the publication belongs to.

      The use of transliteration, coded or encrypted messages or the excessive use of characters or numbers to transfer information is not allowed, both for publications and comments.

    4. 2.4. Unified account

      During registration on one of the Gaijin Network Ltd. company’s official resources, a unified account is created which can be used to log in to all the company’s official resources and adjoining projects.

      By registering on one of the company’s official resources, you agree that you will not use the Live.WT portal to upload known false and/or offensive, obscene materials, or information that violates the privacy of other users.

      You shall also be obligated not to upload any materials of which you are not the author and which are protected by copyright, without the agreement of the copyright holder. When such materials are uploaded, the author and the source of the material must be specified. Failing that, the administration reserves the right to both delete materials whose uploading violates the intellectual property rights of the copyright holders, and to apply corresponding sanctions to the user that uploaded the materials.

    5. 2.5. Account

      Each participant of the portal’s community has a user account, which possesses such mandatory parameters as: e-mail, password and nickname.

      Do not use multiple accounts on this live site - if you want to start a new one, ask a Gaijin staff member first. Also, do not share your account with anyone else - every user has to have their own account.

      All responsibility for the content of publications and comments rests solely on the owner of the user account regardless of the precise author of the messages sent using said user account.
      Users who do not authorize (do not log in) through their user account do not possess the right to create publications and leave comments, and also do not have access to the majority of features on the portal.

      If you lose access to your user account, please contact our technical support service immediately:

      Note: to gain the ability to create publications and leave comments on the portal, you must complete 10 battles in the game.

    6. 2.6. Moderation policy

      The portal is post-moderated, meaning that information placed on the portal has not been previously examined or edited, the moderators reserve the right to do this later. In turn, rule violations do not have a limitation period. Limitation periods also do not affect the degree of punitive action.
      These rules can and will apply to all avatars, user names, banners, image content and text content added by users, the user is solely responsible in providing content that is acceptable to all members of the community.

  3. 3. Sanctions

    1. 3.1. Forbidden

      1. 3.1.1. Vulgar language
        Publications or comments containing vulgar language, regardless of the language of communication used.

      2. 3.1.2. Insulting community participants
        Insults, rudeness, threats, racism or aggression directed at the portal’s community members.

      3. 3.1.3. Insulting employees or moderators
        Insults, rudeness, threats, racism or aggression directed at the War Thunder’s development team, employees or volunteers.

      4. 3.1.4. Discussing the moderators
        Publications or comments to discuss the work of the moderators or administration.

      5. 3.1.5. Piracy
        Any discussion regarding methods of cracking or otherwise illegally subverting the content protection of Gaijin Network Ltd.’s software products or those of any other development company.

      6. 3.1.6. Spam and advertising
        Spamming the portal with publications or comments containing identical or very similar content.
        Creating publications or comments containing advertisements.

      7. 3.1.7. Deviating from the portal’s subject matter
        Creating publications that do not correspond to the portal’s subject matter, described before in point 2.2.

      8. 3.1.8. Violating the User Agreement
        Creating publications or comments regarding the sale, purchase, exchange or donation of user accounts or any other in-game items of value, whether temporarily or permanently. Any other actions encouraging violations of the User Agreement.

      9. 3.1.9. Erotic and pornography
        Pornographic images and images which contain clear allusions to pornography, any links to similar content and any other material with erotic content.

      10. 3.1.10. Prohibited content
        Publications containing direct or indirect propaganda in favour of extremism, controlled narcotics or alcohol.
        Political or religious incitement or propaganda.

      11. 3.1.11. Shocking content
        Publications containing scenes of death, cruelty, violence over humans or animals, or any clear allusions to such content.

      12. 3.1.12. Violating intellectual property rights and related rights
        Publications which violate intellectual property rights and related rights (publicizing logos, the names of known brands, etc.).

      13. 3.1.13. Distributing personal information
        Distributing a participant’s personal information without his or her consent.
        Screenshots of a player’s profile or of his/her battle statistics are not considered personal information, as this information is publicly available.

      14. 3.1.14. Known false information
        Distributing known false information (including publicizing information without official confirmation) about the development of Gaijin Network Ltd.’s game projects, regardless of the degree to which the author is informed.

      15. 3.1.15. Politics
        Creating publications and comments which are aimed at discussing modern politics. Discussing prominent political figures or modern events. Constructing analogies between historical military subjects and current political subjects.

      16. 3.1.16. Bugs in development company’s products
        Publicizing bugs or defects in any of Gaijin Network Ltd. products.

      17. 3.1.17.Links
        It is forbidden to post links that lead to images or any other content that abuses any of the given rules or legislation, this includes the intentional misuse of images or skins used in a non historical placement or sizing to exhibit and/or enhance offensive, lewd or erotic material, obscene language or otherwise abusive content.

    2. 3.2 Forms of punitive action

      • “Read-only” mode activated for 3 days
      • “Read-only” mode activated for 7 days
      • “Read-only” mode activated for 14 days
      • “Read-only” mode activated for 30 days
      • Full account ban

      Milder or stricter measures may be taken at the moderator team’s discretion.
      In a range of cases not described by these rules, administrators and moderators may decide to take punitive action against a user even if his/her actions do not formally fall under the current list of restricted actions.