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GUIDE: Edit User Skin .BLK files - 45min
1) How do they work & what do they do?
2) Make your skins packages easy to install
3) Reference the CDK (cockpit items, engine and gun flames props, sights, and much more)
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'Many' Skinners spend 100's of hours making these complex and intricate Skins for free, for this community.
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v2.0 i-16 Type 24 "Red 34” Leningrad Front, winter 1941/42.
*** UPDATE *** Performance Fast load DDS, also New Damage file with more details
#ishak #i16 #type24 #type28
BLKs tested and included for all current Ishaks I-16 Type 18,24,27 & 28
Although it is speculated this was only a demonstration plane. This skin depicts the heavily flown and weathered Me 163B Komet 'White 14' in rare winter camouflage. Colors are based on best guesses from images found.
I found this plane online while looking for some 163's in winter camo. I still am not sure about the colors so I guessed and used some artistic license using the Luftwaffe Color chart for that era. I've also included a video link 'Rocket Fighter'.

I also included some images, a link to an imgur album, and the gimp .xcf file so you can modify or change the layers as you would like. I do hope someone enjoys this. It's my second attempt, so go easy on me. ;) **Swastika Warning & Blurred**