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A beautiful Finnish I-153 11 of these were captured and 9 more purchased from Germany with another being delivered later. The armament was actually replaced with four 7.7mm Browning M39 machine guns. Despite such few numbers, 5 Russian planes were shot down including an Airacobra! I believe that 9 were lost but the majority of these were because of accidents or mechanical failure. I saw this cool photo and I needed a reason to share it so now I know about the service history of Finnish I-153s :D
Dose anyone know if anyone has made a skin that looked like the Panzer III from the Forgotten Hope mod for BF1942?
Skin request for the I-16 (18,24,27,28)

Hello! This is my first post, so if I just posted this in the wrong section, sorry.

So... I found this I-16 skin and I'm abseloutely loving it!
It would be amazing if anyone could make this skin for me :)

Sorry if my english is bad, I'm german.
I hope every one who reads this takes a moment to remember the crews of the b17 that flew over Europe with a huge loss rate of about 65 to 80% in different years.
My pinups series, part #2
More Pin ups, I made for my custom skins...
Made all from the same template.
►I know it's not War Thunder related, but I need Feedback!!!
Some mistakes can be found, it hasn't been perfected yet...
My very first papercraft warbird.. I know, it's far from perfect but hey, it's my first one. And sucking at something is the first step to getting good at something, right?

Thanks to NomadicWarrior98 for showing me this whole new world of papercrafts to me :))
One of the most famous video game glitches apparently isn't confined to 007 Golden Eye

Music: Promise - Hirose Kohmi (used in the original Geddan video)