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A sportsman and hunter, Johnson attributed his fighter skills to his experiences shooting wildfowl with a shotgun
#spitfire (After 1.43 cant fix bug with black nose......)
If I once figure out how to make 4k pictures ohohoho you pixels are gonna be so dead (4096x4096 still pixely -.-)
M16 Halftrack
"The M16 MGMC was Used in the Philippines in WW2 and also later in Korea, it was an M3 based Multiple Gun Motor Carriage equipped with the Maxson M45 Quadmount (more specifically the M45D) with 4 M2HB machine guns (5,000 rounds). It had a weight of around 9.3 t and it’s maximum speed was 72 km/h (45 mph)."
72km/h holy shit
Gunther Rall jumped a flight of P-47's from the 56th F.G. downing one and then himself getting shot up, (loss of thumb) was very lucky to have bailed out at low level in his BF-109. Great Art work done on this is called: "Warrior and the Wolf Pack" by John Shaw!
I managed to solve the pixel problem. 8192x8192 pixels. The only problem is that only one tga file is 256mb now. anyone wanna download a 1,5 gb skin? :D (I wil leave it 2k then)
Hmm, so I ran out of skinning ideas, so I decided to have this idea for a skin pack, but I don't know which Japanese land-based bombers can make the paintjob fit on it, I think you guys can help me. I think I'll use a H6K for the 1943 Kai paintjobs.
P.S: Any P-38G blank templates here to add icing to the cake, and should I do a skin pack based off the enemy aircrafts from the same game series (1943 The Battle of Midway) after I finish this skinpack?
The french battleship Paris was the first french dreadnought built by the French Navy. Keep in mind that this ship was completed before WWI.
Speed: 21 knots
Armament: 6 × 2 - 305 mm Mle 1910 guns
22 × 1 - 138 mm Mle 1910 guns
4 × 1 - 47 mm (1.9 in) guns
4 × 450 mm (17.7 in) torpedo tubes
Armor: Waterline belt: 180–270 mm (7.1–10.6 in)
Deck: 30–70 mm (1.2–2.8 in)
Turrets: 290–250 mm (11.4–9.8 in)
Barbettes: 280 mm (11 in)
Conning tower: 300 mm (11.8 in)
German machine gunners manning a MG mounted on tripod. Date and location unknown. (most likely Russia).
The more i research... The more depressed i get... I think ill go to Albania and try to buy one or two or three or Maybe 2 of each kind, like Noah ._.
German Wurfrahmen 40 self-propelled rocket launcher Sdkfz 251 firing at Warsaw uprising, 1944.
The rocket looks like it could be photo shopped not too sure :/
Some of these planes where sold for 3 bucks.... I want 10 please! to go :D
#i185m82 #I185 #4KDDDS #dds #и185тип82а #И185 #fictionalskin

И-185 — советский одномоторный поршневой истребитель-моноплан 40-х годов, созданный в ОКБ Поликарпова. По сумме характеристик в опытных образцах превосходил все серийные советские (равно как и опытные образцы этих серийных) и иностранные поршневые истребители тех лет.
Hi all, someone love the MC 202 Folgore? I'm in love with it so i ve decided to start making some camo for it. I have a book on this plane with some camo and models so, why dont share with all?
I want to remeber that: after the folgore there's one more plane, the MC 205 Veltro, armed with 2 12.7 Mg and 2 MG FF 20mm wich may be very cool to see in game.
40 tank kills! Leutnant Walther Oberloskamp, Zugführer (platoon leader) in Sturmgeschütz-Brigade 667, is seen here on his very successful StuG III which is decorated with 40 kills rings painted on the barrel. Those kills earned him on 10 May 1943 the Knight’s Cross.
German flak tower
These towers were armed with Flak guns 2 cm Gebirgsflak 38, 37mm Flak 43, 8.8 cm Flak, 12.8 cm Flak 40
Anybody played Ace Combat Assault Horizon? well, Christmas is aproaching and i still need a cool skin for my P-39 Airacobra.
if anybody could try and make this fictional skin for the P-39 Airacobra i would be verry happy, besides. LOOK AT THIS CAMO, IT SCREAMS #Christmas , come on people. make this skin/camo for the P-39. ^^
#p39 #christmas #fictional #request #acecombat
A bottle of beer that survived the Hindenburg disaster. The whole blimb fleet was delivered with Löwenbräu beer.
Löwenbräu is one of the oldest breweries in munich.