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3 minutes of hell. The amazing fire bug. Total points that I've earned from fire dmg was about ~3k. I've also managed to kill one t-54 and IS-4 when my ass was on fire
This is why I hate the "Jungle" map for GF... its terrible and needs either vastly changed or just removed.
And 1 more and I won't add another image till months time.
P.S, this is not to offend anybody, just humor :)
Just made it because i was bored at 2 o'clock in the morning. Professional paint skills at it's best :D
Gajin ur pissing me the f*ck off
why the f*ck did you remove our ability to choose spawns in tanks
now 1 spawn point gets over run by enemy tanks and the f*ckin game spawns you in that spawn point
fix your SH*T
Why make a Blue Angels MiG-15 skin? Because I can! Before You say "Why did you put a blue angels skin on a mig?" Its the only worthy jet I have, next to a 229 and the He-162.
Just a skin of the Do-217k-1 that I made because I was sick of that night bomber skin and thought it would look good with a new day version. It isn't perfect, I know, but I really don't care, it came out good anyway. HAPPY BOMBING! :D
If I miss a day... is there still a chance to join the CBT team?
American Engineering - You can shoot in two different directions at once.
So you execute a perfect landing, end with a drift to get the cover of the hangar, and guess what happened ?
A stoopid rushing B-25 kill me by shooting through the walls of said hangar -_-'
I've researched, and bought all the tier 1 tanks, so why can't I research a tier 2 tank yet?
Historical skin for Ki 84ko, HQ Chutai, 29th Sentai, operating in Taiwan 1945.
Full detailled 4Kdds skin, custom normals & damage maps.
I use the PanaDust template as base, heavily modified, try to get a good metal effect, working on n map, and adding more details than previous Ki84 skin I've done, hope you'll appreciate !
Banzaï !

#ki84 #japan #ki84ko #historical #4kdds
I was just wing'n it so it isn't exactly articulate or well spoken but I believe it may help some people who want to get started with doing tank skins in war thunder.

I'm more than happy to help people who didn't quite understand some parts or perhaps need help with other details.

Here's a link to Tiger's video that shows you how to make your tank templates and how to set up your .blk file
#non_historical #fictional P-47D-25 and 28 skin 'KILL OR DIE'. All new panelling etc. Please, as ever, leave comments if you download or just view (always useful!). Have fun with her and shoot straight!!.... ps The 'Pappy' and Kill Marks on the side are in-game and aren't on the skin, OK?