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The overshoot.

Smart mig pilot leveled out instead of giving me a head on. Sadly he got swarmed moments after.
Further to an earlier picture this Tiger I was overturned in Normandy (1944) by bombing (but not a direct hit). Three men survived.
The Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka, (櫻花 "cherry blossom") was a purpose-built, rocket powered kamikaze suicide missile employed by Japan towards the end of World War II. Some US troops gave the aircraft the name "Baka".
I have a Fw 190 A5 and A5/U2, a Bf 109 F-4 and G-2 and a Me 410 B6/R3 and i get into THIS...
Grumman F8F Bearcat is the United States Navy's final reciprocating/piston engined fighter aircraft. Unsatisfied in spite of the Hellcat's satisfactory military gains, this craft designed to annihilate the Zero fighters was reconstructed by American design after completely dissecting a captured Zero, and is thus known as "a half-sibling of the Zero fighter." However, its biggest weakness was its lack of flexibility.
Remember that snow-hetzer I made a week ago? ( it has probably lost a mere 3 or 4% of its mass from melting. its still the same... It seems ive found THE perfect spot to make snow-things in my yard.
My 2nd skin! I love the look of the D. 520 so that inspired this skin.

(sorry if I posted a lot of skins in a little amount of time, but I didn't know how to upload skins I made at first and just figured out how so I uploaded 3 of my best ones like as soon as I figured out)
My first skin! I made it for the Mosquito FB Mk VI
This is a fictional skin I decided to make one day and thought it looked good after.
I added bright blue wheels just because I felt like it.
The Panther D, A and G to get a Spotlight Video. Abit of tank review and alot about the history behind the tank.
The P-61 Black Widow is a U.S. Army night fighter. Its name refers to a type of spider in the genus Latrodectus. The large twin-boom twin-propeller aircraft has two engines producing 2,000 hp each, and the nose is equipped with a radar dome. The body includes four 20-mm machine guns mounted on the underside, as well as a turret with four 12.7-mm guns on the upside and a bomb bay with a capacity for four 1,600-pound (about 720 kilograms) bombs, making for an aircraft with no weaponry blind spots.
#bf109 G6 flown by Hauptmann Heinrich Ehrler
belonging to the Stab III/ JG 5
Superdetailed , weathered,
***All artwork made by hand***
Including versions with or without swastikas
Including matching cannon files
This is a skin I made for my squadron.
For Fw 190 A-1 (sorry it says Fw 190 A-4, it's for A-1)
M8 Grey Hound this little thing could raise some hell! cant wait till its in WT! it would be good at tier 1.3br or 1.7.
You all must have alot of time on your hands. Thank you i guess.

I guess i should get back to work and maaaybe look into something special.